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5-Way Dynamic Background Color Changer

A set of JavaScript code to dynamically change the color of your background. Control the color of your background using the links on your site. Control the color using onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick, and a combination of all of

JavaScript Background Fader  v.1.0

Add fade effect to the background color of the web pages. It is very easy to be added to your pages by clicking the mouse to copy and paste some

Visual Color Picker  v.1.0

Visual Color Picker 1.0 is a simple color selection program with instant RGB-HSV conversion. It contains predefined and custom color tables, HTML codes converter, text and background color preview. Developers, it can be integrated into your

Thanksgiving Season Screensaver  v.2.0

Enjoy the sight of water flowing over a leaf and the video of swinging autumn leaves. You will love the combination of video with the background color. Download now for a festive Thanksgiving full of joy and happiness.

JAVA_components  v.1.1

add java to your website without the programming Makes web design so much fun you'll be glued to your computer uncovering the possibilities Transform Dull Web Pages Into Eye-Popping Masterpieces!dynamic text scrolling background color changing and

CE Reader  v.1.0

CE Reader is a professional RTF and TXT reader. It prevents changing the contents of .rtf and .txt files.It uses a magic color as the background color. Your eyes cannot be tired, even you keep watching the screen over four hours. Besides, it can

Gdow  v.1.020081028

It can notify you with a classic messsage box, a popup balloon (on Windows XP and Vista) or a transparent animated form. The latter is fully configurable :- background color- font (color,size,type, etc..)- width- maximum height (the form will

Adobe ImageReady Updater  v.1.0.1

ImageReady 1.0.1 adds the following improvements:The most notable enhancements to ImageReady include thefollowing:Batch processing droplets now correctly hold the MatteColor, which sets the background color when processingfiles containing

AR PopUp Menu ActiveX Control  v.1.01

This is a simple pop-up menu control, that you can show wherever you want over your forms. Its based on the MR Active Label control. ActiveBackColor: background color for the item that is selected. ActiveColor: color in which an item will be shown

DesignWorkz Logo Creator  v.1.0.1

Logo Creator v1.0.1 is a utility used to create images from text input using virtually any font installed on your system. You can specify the font properties, color and a background color. You also have the option to apply a gradient effect to the

Dream Scroller  v.1.0

This program is designed to scroll any number of text items in a draggable and resizable window on your desktop, in a horizontal or vertical direction. You can configure the font, text color (for every message separately), background color and speed.

Keyboard Layout Indicator  v.1.0

Keyboard layout and CapsLock indicator near mouse pointer. Supports different settings for different keyboard layouts. For every keyboard layouts you can choose: - font (type, color, size, background color) - behavor of Flying Indicator, when

Language Mouse Tool  v.

Language Mouse Tool is a distinguished and easy to use indicator near mouse pointer. Supports different settings for different keyboard layouts: font, font color, background color and synonym. You do not need to see in system tray bar every

Photoshop Plugin - Inverse Blur Effect  v.1

Negative/inverse colour effect plugin .. a freebie from our color/photographic plugins set for Photoshop (Andrews plugins vol 3). The effect is bound by the current foreground/background color settings in


This is a Java applet that animates multiple sprites in the scene. Customizable parameters include: frames per second, background color, border width, URL, starting position, speed control, and wrap-around

Text To Pic Creator  v.1

Text To Pic Creator 1 is a product to Text to Pic Creator v1.0 allows you to design a bitmap image from text input. It applies any font installed on your system. You can specify the font properties, color and a background color and then save the

Word Syntax Highlight Addin  v.1.1

Word Syntax Highlight Addin 1.1 is known as a beneficial and easy-to-use addin which can change the color or background color of selected text.How to change is not fixed. Anyone can define a new rule of changing color, by implementing the functions

Blaiz Image Viewer  v.1.00.134

Browse images with ease and simplicity. Features: Realtime image dimensions, size, color count, color depth and encoding readouts View image Full/Fit to Window Definable viewer background color Easy file navigation system Custom, speed, file box with

APNG to GIF  v.rc

This program converts APNG animations into animated GIF format. Wu64 quantization is used for true-color files. Transparency is handled either using a threshold, or composed over chosen background color. CLI version is OS-independent, GUI version is

A3b  v.3b.0.1

a3b - ascii / ansi art browser for linux / mac / win32, written in qt4, features - printing - export to png - zoom - eleet autoscroll - configurable fore/background color - 80x50, 80x25, amiga

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